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Killer Circuits is a complete functional training system that uses the most effective forms of training and blends them into high intensity circuits. These workouts on average last between 12 to 20 minutes and allow you to train clients in a one-on-one setting, or better yet, in groups.

The best part about this new programming is with just a few tweaks in weight, rounds, and time you have the ability to manipulate the results.

  • Client wants to add 15 lbs of muscle…
  • Client wants to drop 30 lbs…
  • Client wants more explosive power…

With just a few changes in weight and volume of work and of course proper nutritional considerations… It's a Wrap.

This is the first training protocol that could cover the whole spectrum. You can get stronger, faster, lose body fat and increase your endurance all at the same time… You no longer need long term graphs with different cycles… That never seems to hit the mark anyway.

The future of training is here. I guarantee that you will never go back to traditional training again once you try Killer Circuits… You and your clients Will thank me.